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Over the past 20 years I have been involved in interior design and decoration.  From my first colour consultation to my last property flip, it has been a rewarding journey.  I hope to imbue your interiors with the knowledge I have gained along the way.   
My aim is to create rooms that give pleasure every time you walk in.  Rooms should encompass the characteristics of the owner.  So there is a fine balance between dictating and interpreting.  Most homes have an already established owner’s blueprint which often just needs refining.  Interiors aren’t static.  Many things influence interiors – colour trends, fashion, social media, age, budget and lifestyle changes.  Social media has caused the two worlds of fashion and décor to collide.  Interiors need to flexible.  What you once liked a decade ago, may no longer serve you.   
Your home should be a reflection of yourself, not the catalogue companies.  If you love bright colours, you should not only be wearing them, but living with them.  Whilst I think colour trends can be fun, I don’t think we should take them too seriously.  The size of a room and available light will often be the determining factor for using a particular colour or not.
I will help you focus less on trends, but more on buying things that align with your own personal style.  I will incorporate your lifestyle needs and valued possessions and create a space that’s inviting yet functional.  Practicality plays a huge role in a busy home.  I can help you choose surfaces and products that ‘go the distance’ and avoid making those expensive mistakes.  
I offer the best advice to those just starting their own nests or those wanting a complete overhaul of their existing home.  I can point you in the right direction for a bargain or an expensive high-end fabric.  If you’re thinking of renovating an investment property to flip, that’s my specialty.  I will advise what areas you need to invest in and what areas you don’t.  Having an essential network of trades people at my fingertips to recommend takes the headache away from you finding your own.  
I look forward to helping you transform your residential or commercial space.
Julie Spencer
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